What’s the Cost of Epoxy for the Floor?

Garage flooring needs protection from the various types of damage that can quickly ruin its appeal and cause added danger for those using the room. One of the most popular options for garage floor protection is epoxy. People use epoxy because it not only protects the floor but damages that may already be present and adds a sleek sheen to the room. Your garage can stand out from the rest with the help of garage floor epoxy!

Most people are surprised to learn that epoxy is actually fairly priced since they expect to fork over a small fortune.  Some cheaper options exist but there are also more expensive flooring protection options. Epoxy is a meet-in-the-middle priced product. So how much money will you fork over to epoxy the floor in the garage? There’s no one-size-fits-all pricing for epoxy. There are many factors that determine the costs, including:

·    Size of the garage

·    Type of epoxy chosen

garage floor epoxy

·    Season

·    Company chosen for installation

Request quotes from three -four local companies and compare costs before choosing a company to complete the work. Most companies offer quotes upon request at no cost. It takes little time to get a quote and compare costs and companies of interest. The price of the job is one of many important factors to consider when choosing your epoxy installation professional.  Choose a licensed, insured company with a good reputation in the area along with that low cost.

On average, expect a cost of about $1,400 – $2,500 for the project. DIY work costs considerably less although disadvantages also exist if you attempt to do it yourself. The money spent to epoxy the garage floor is a small amount of money to pay for the enhanced lifetime and beauty and protection offered to the garage.