Negotiating Challenges Of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning carpets at home is one thing. You think that’s manageable but you’ll know, deep down, that’s not nearly as clean as it should be. Now, imagine the challenge of maintaining a commercially carpeted floor surface. You’re dealing with a lot more square meters, and certainly a lot more foot traffic. From both a housekeeping and risk management point of view, this is not work for casual or light hands.

Rather, the small to medium-sized business owner needs to factor in a steady to long-term commercial carpet cleaner calgary ab contract to be reflected on the capital expenses spreadsheet as a matter of priority. On any given day, commercial use carpets are experiencing an enormous amount of wear, tear and grime from bacteria, food spillage, dust, oily grit and muddy footprints. Just when a floor manager thought his carpets were clean, he might have to look again.

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Because a lot of the time, it is unseen damage. And if it is not attended to regularly and rigorously, those carpets wear out a lot quicker than they should. And there goes another year’s capital expenses when the carpets are ruined and they need to be replaced. Under a regular cleaning and maintenance contract, commercial carpets are kept spotlessly clean on a daily basis. Not once every other week.

But daily. Carpets are clean, and they still look new. And for a lot longer than would have been the case previously. A regular sweeping routine is implemented and quick action is taken the moment a bad stain is spotted. The use of a rotary floor machine, yarn bonnet and correct cleaning detergent loosens all soil from the carpets’ upper fibers. Dry vacuuming can be as effective. Clean as a whistle. it’s up to you.