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How to choose your cheap car loan

How to choose your cheap car loan

Depending on your profile and your needs, different car loans are available to you to buy your new car: the credit allocated, the personal loan and the long-term lease.

The appropriated appropriation

The loan allocated is a credit conso specially allocated to the purchase of a car. Thus, the lending institution grants you a sum of money of the amount of vehicle you wish to purchase. Thus, you will have access to the sum only at the time of purchase.

The personal loan

In this case, the financial institution lends you a sum of money that you can use as you wish, for example to buy your new car. With this consumer loan, you do not have to borrow the exact amount of the car, but more if you wish. However, the amount of personal credit remains set based on your profile vote and your borrowing capacity.

Lease with purchase option

Lease with option to purchase (or lease) is often offered by dealers or garages through a financial institution. This Anthony Reversal allows you to use the vehicle against the payment of monthly payments. You then have the option to buy the car at the end of the contract or return it for a fee.

Before choosing, first take stock of your needs. If you do not need cash, for example, go for an assigned credit so Anthony Reverse the purchase of your vehicle and therefore enjoy a cheaper car loan!

What rate for a cheap car loan?

Auto credit rates vary according to several criteria to consider:

  • The amount of the auto loan;
  • The duration of the car loan.

The most important thing is to look at the annual percentage rate of charge (APR). It includes the interest rate of the lending institution but also the interest and ancillary costs (insurance, fees …). This APR will let you know the total amount of your car loan. Logically, the longer the duration and amount of the car loan, the higher the APR will be and therefore the more expensive credit.

Auto credit rates can be different depending on the purchase of a new or used car!

Compare to find a cheap car loan

Compare to find a cheap car loan

When you want to buy a car from a dealer, most of the sellers offer offers for Anthony Adverser the vehicle in question. Quite often, these offers are not the most interesting. They can be included in a package that includes services and benefits, such as auto insurance, troubleshooting, extended warranty and more.

These services are not free and not always necessary because insurance companies offer many of these options in their contracts. It is therefore necessary to provide an additional budget to benefit from it. In addition, this type of loan does not give the borrower the opportunity to choose his insurer.

The advantages of the automotive credit comparator


Whether it is an appropriated credit, a personal credit or a LOA, it is important to compare the offers by carrying out an auto credit simulation. It offers a wide range of financial institutions with different rates. Thus, to better compare, it is necessary to know the interest rate applied for each duration of borrowing.

Comparing cheap car loan offers online is an economical solution that allows you to get a cheap car loan and save time. This credit simulator is a free service, accessible 24/7.

This practice avoids tedious steps with banks or credit agencies, either by telephone or after having an appointment with a consultant. Do not hesitate to use a consumer credit calculator to evaluate the monthly payments and the capital to borrow and the desired duration according to your needs.

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